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Denver Mattress + Lippert Components, Inc. Tour

Most RVs come with a standard issue mattress - a mattress that will more likely than not greet the new day with every single joint in your body aching. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating here.  The manufacturer's goal is to keep costs down and to cater to those RV owners who only take their rig out a few times a year.  

Jeremy and I had slept on our mattress for just a few weeks before we realized we wouldn't be able to make it long on the road without a decent night's sleep. Granted, this is more nights than your average RVer will sleep on a mattress all year, but it wasn't going to hold up to long-term daily use.  We started doing research into some modest alternatives we could order and swap into the Velma the Viper. While in in Southern Illinois, we considered reaching out to the Sterling Mattress Factory to see if they could create a custom mattress to fit our short queen platform. It would stretch our budget beyond our plan, but we both felt it was worth it.  Before we could pull the trigger, though, the patron saints of full-time RVing had other plans.

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Elkhart and Northern Indiana

Once we sold our house and left Nashville, we spent a few weeks in Southern Illinois with Jeremy's family. Those weeks were spent seriously moving in to the Viper, as when we were still in Nashville, Velma was parked on the street we couldn't put our slides out. While we moved in and tinkered around, a few things got added to a "we should probably leave this to some professionals" list which lined us up for another trip to Elkhart, IN. (One of the fun items on this list was installing our Nature's Head compost toilet! We love this thing so much we're going to have an entire post dedicated just to our hippie toilet. You're excited aren't you?)

This being our third stay in Elkhart - and our longest as we arrived just as the NeXus crew was finishing up their fleet headed to the Hershey RV Show - we actually spent quite a fair amount of time out and about in Elkhart and the surrounding towns. 

This post is a wrap-up of our highlights from our 5 night stay in August. If you want to see even *more* pictures, make sure you "like" our Facebook Page as I'll be sharing an album of photos there, too.

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