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Vermont Cookie Bars

It was maybe only a few days after the purchase of this box of Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookie mix that I had to break into it and bake something up. I was hoping I could stash the mix for a good couple weeks, at least, and use in a *real* emergency. (You know, like when you're trying to stream the season finale of Scandal but the campground's wifi won't cooperate.) But, the craving hit, and when the craving hits, you've gotta do something about it.

Instead of making cookies, a rather tedious process when one is in a tiny kitchen, I decided to bake this mix up as bars. It worked out perfectly as we could portion away according to our tastebuds' desire. A teeny wedge for a snack or a large slice for one of those "Can it just be tomorrow already?" kind of days.

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