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From our stay at Gifford Pinchot State Park, we drove east on the PA Turnpike, headed north a bit and ended up at my family's house for a weeklong stay. We didn't do much aside from soak up family time, particularly with my younger (but 21 year old (!!)) sister Sophie, take luxuriously long, hot showers and indulge in some delicious homecooked food. (My mom knows her way around a bubbling, cheesy, gooey dish of potatoes au gratin. I'd say it's her "thing".)

Our goal for the rest of fall was to spend it in New England to experience the leaves and lobster. First stop (technically second, as we overnighted at a Wal-Mart in Fishkill, NY between NJ and MA) was Northampton, MA. I went to Smith College for my first and second years of undergrad and I hadn't been back - in 15 years! I transferred for good reasons, but if I have any regrets (and I don't, ultimately, because I can't imagine my life being any different than it is now), one is leaving Smith.

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Always Take the Trip

This is it.  Game on.  We’re on the road for the adventure of a lifetime.  Our family motto is to "Always take the trip," so Jeremy and I will be traveling the United States for the next year in our motorhome along with our four-legged travel companions Rosey and Ramble.

Jeremy grew up vacationing on the road. In fact, he and his sister used to often hear a horn honk in the parking lot of their elementary school in the middle of a Friday, excuse themselves, hop up into his grandparents' (Millie and Don) Winnebago Chieftain and go off for a long weekend adventure.

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