Continuing to travel south in order to avoid the inevitable looming freeze on the horizon, we said goodbye to Alexandra's family in New Jersey and made a short trip down to Frederick, Maryland, where we would stay for a couple of nights.

Frederick is an interesting place. It is in commuting distance to Washington, DC as well as Baltimore, but doesn't have that generic, cookie-cutter suburbia feel. The driveway where we moochdocked was in a community literally nestled in between rolling green hills. There are nine state and national parks in the area, offering residents many different ways to be active and get outside. We spent part of a day wandering downtown Frederick's streets and were charmed by the architecture, history and diversity of shops on every corner. We were equally envious of the large Wegmans market that recently opened as the variety of independent restaurants offering dining opportunities with genuine, local flair.

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Mohegan Sun Casino + New Jersey

Continuing our journey south along the east coast, we pointed Velma straight to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, rolled down the windows and yelled "big money, big money" in hopes that the goddess of the Wheel of Fortune 2-dollar slot machine would be watching over us.

Who are we kidding. Jeremy and I prefer to find two nickel machines side by side, pop in $20.00 each and try and make those twenty buckeroos last us as long as possible. Each bonus game we land scores us another (watered down) free cocktail.

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Sweetwater Forest

Nights in Vermont were only getting colder, forcing us south. We decided to point Velma towards the sun, but we got distracted by siren call of the cape to the East. Cape Cod, to be exact.

We decided to change things up and, on our way to Brewster, MA, we did our first overnight at a Cracker Barrel. Up until this time in our vagabonding, we'd spent maybe a weeks-worth of nights in Wal Mart parking lots. We are grateful that businesses like Wal*Mart welcome motorhomes in transit to overnight in their lots. In part to show our gratitude, but mostly to entertain ourselves, we often find ourselves wandering the aisles once we've parked and double checked with the manager. This time, with no aisles to wander, we ended up having both dinner and breakfast at the Londonderry, NH Cracker Barrel before getting back on our merry way. I have to say - I'd much rather spend our dollars on hash brown casserole and pancakes than rolls of toilet paper or laundry detergent.

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Vermont Cookie Bars

It was maybe only a few days after the purchase of this box of Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookie mix that I had to break into it and bake something up. I was hoping I could stash the mix for a good couple weeks, at least, and use in a *real* emergency. (You know, like when you're trying to stream the season finale of Scandal but the campground's wifi won't cooperate.) But, the craving hit, and when the craving hits, you've gotta do something about it.

Instead of making cookies, a rather tedious process when one is in a tiny kitchen, I decided to bake this mix up as bars. It worked out perfectly as we could portion away according to our tastebuds' desire. A teeny wedge for a snack or a large slice for one of those "Can it just be tomorrow already?" kind of days.

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Vermont Part IV

And we're back.  We managed to catch a nasty viral respiratory infection that had knocked us out for a good part of the last 3 weeks.  We are on the mend, back on the road, and ready to share more adventures. So, back to Vermont...

I am not quite sure how this initially slipped my own food-obsessed, ex-baker radar, but after a few days in Vermont I knew how I was going to spend "my day"*. A Vanderbilt friend (hi Miriam!) who loves to bake as much as me reminded me that King Arthur Flour's "Bakery, CaféStore and School" is in Norwich, VT. Knowing this was just about 90 minutes from our campground, I decided I would make a day of it.

Given that I was very likely going to stuff my face at the King Arthur Flour bakery, I decided a pre-gorge hike might be smart to offset the delicious sugar in my future.

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